Redefining Aging – 10 Activities All Older Adults Should Consider

"People nowadays have nearly the 'double life expectancy they had in 1900.'" – Linda P. Fried, MD, MPH Research, investments, and public health have done an amazing job at focusing on prevention to increase life span. Yet, longevity isn’t what most of us are after. We’re after extending our health span as well. In other […]

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Do You Have Equilibrium Issues As You Age?

Do You Have Equilibrium Issues As You Age?

Many people have trouble with balance as they age. You may really feel lightheaded when you move from sitting to standing. You might seem like the room is spinning or that things are walking around you.

If your lightheadedness is serious enough, you might have difficulty walking and fall quickly. There are a number of root causes of equilibrium issues as well as lightheadedness.

senior equilibrium problems

Along with lightheadedness, this condition can also create vision issues, which can intensify your equilibrium problems. If you presume your high blood pressure is too expensive, talk to your medical professional about treatment choices. This is a condition that can be treated so you can live your life without equilibrium problems.

Troubles with the internal ear prevail as we age and also are an additional forgotten reason for equilibrium issues. The within your ear has a sensitive system that helps you keep equilibrium.

When something takes place to this sensitive system, you might feel like the space is rotating – but that does not mean the condition is irreversible. Even a simple issue like swelling of the internal ear can make it hard for you to maintain your equilibrium.

Blood sugar level issues can likewise create equilibrium problems. High or reduced blood sugar can cause wooziness and faintness. It is very important for your physician to check your blood sugar degrees since some individuals with high blood sugar levels, later on, create type 2 diabetic issues.

Another source of equilibrium troubles in the senior years is inadequate oxygen supply to the brain. This can be triggered by the insufficient blood supply to the brain.

As we age, the capillaries in our legs lose tone, making it harder for the blood to flow to the brain and heart the way it should. If this is the source of your equilibrium troubles, there are medications that can help treat it.

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